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Site Name Site Description
Pimpernel placemats Cork-backed coasters and placemats
Lady Clare Classic Lady Clare designs
Ebbels Melamine, custom made, cork backed
Bishop Aprons Cotton, reversible + made-to-measure
Sweet Pea Linens Linen, wedge shaped for round tables
Creative Artworks hand-painted, oval, fabric
Inkies Personalized placemats
Pacific Merchants Poly-vinyl Saleen, macFABhome, Malibu
Food Service Direct Paper + plastic, plain to ornate
My Paper Shop Paper range for all occasions
Quel Object Stripes, colourful range from France
Placemats & More Store Handcrafted, shaped, reversible
A.H.Mercantile Co. selection of table linens
Textileshop.Com complete range of table linen 
Marco International speciality placemats
Blue Fly Original designs
Conimar Corporation  
Sur La Table French flavour
Linens Online hand made, lively colors
Thirsty Towels Pty Ltd  

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These tableware sites stock a large range of various placemat styles and designs.

Something for everyone - placemats of all styles in terms of shape, color, theme and material used.

Linens or laminates, personalized or original.

Oval, round, square or shaped placemats.