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Rigid, hardboard cork backed placemats to protect your table with stylish designs to choose from

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Cork backed placemats to protect your table

Getting a set of cork backed placemats brings various benefits for your dining table and for the decorative style of your kitchen or dining room. The primary benefit is they provide protection to the surface of your table from heat, moisture rings, and scratches, making them the ideal way to protect your furniture from getting damaged.

The rigid top surface is stain resistant and the layer of cork on the base make these placemats not only very durable, but easy to maintain, at the same time as bringing a nice stylish touch to your dining table.

The cork backing serves three main purposes, it not only works as a type of insulation, preventing heat from hot plates from damaging to your tabletop, but the softness of the cork backing means the table surface does not get scratched. Scratching can happen with other placemat materials if the base is too rough. The third benefit is the special texture of cork prevents the place mat from sliding around, this is particularly useful if you have a varnished, glass or shiny table surface.

Variety of cork-backed placemats designs

The variety of designs available nowadays allows you to choose from a range of patterns and colors that would best suit your kitchen or dining room. Whether you have a preference for more classical floral designs or if you are searching for a more modern, contemporary pattern, there is a set of cork backed placemats waiting for you.

The style of the design you require will depend on a range of options, such as the dining occasion you have in mind, from casual get-togethers to formal events or daily use with the family.

In addition to their ability to protect your dining table, cork-backed placemats are also environmentally friendly. This because cork is a naturally grown and sustainable material with amongst other properties, an excellent level of heat resistance and softness that is not achieved with man-made materials such as felt. In addition, the decline in the use of cork for bottling, especially wine bottles, means cork farmers now have another outlet for their products.

Value for money, rigid cork backed placemats.

The strength and durability of these rigid cork backed placemats means they will last for many years, providing you with great value for money considering a set is less than $40. It also means you do not need to replace them until you are looking to bring another style or color combination to your dining table.

The variety of Pimpernel placemats designs to choose from, whether that’s a bright and vibrant modern style or a more traditional floral pattern, is extensive. This allows you to lay out a wonderfully stylish dinner table for your meals, making this type of placemat the perfect choice for both everyday use as well as for those special occasions.

With popular patterns such as the Pimpernel Tuscan Palette or something classic from the William Morris floral range, a set of cork backed placemats is sure to bring the right decorative touch to your kitchen or dining room.