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Traditional, single color placemat designs for all types of dining rooms, from modern and contemporary through to classic traditional color schemes. Black, cream, burgundy, blue and green single color placemats.

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Single color placemats to match existing décor

Selecting place mats to coordinate with your existing décor can be a challenge, but choosing plain, single color placemats is a great option as they are easy to fit into the decorative style of your dining room creating a harmonious overall look.

The exact shade to select for your solid single color placemats depends largely on your existing color scheme, but generally speaking the green or burgundy colors are going to work well with traditional settings. Without being overpowering the tones of the Pimpernel Classic Emerald placemats and coasters are great for blending in with darker wooden tables. These tablemats enhance the traditional look and feel associated with this type of décor.

Likewise, the Pimpernel Burgundy place mats also bring the same sort of traditional feel to a wooden dining table. They do not try and make a bold statement, but instead with their more neutral tone the rich burgundy color adds a sophisticated touch to your traditional dining room table. The stylish green and burgundy placemats are an excellent choice for formal dinner parties or events where these traditional colors help to give your dinner table an elegant look and feel.

Protect your tabletop with plain color placemats and coasters

The principal purpose for using any sort of placemat is to protect your furniture from getting stained and damaged at mealtimes and this is particularly important when your dining table is made from wood with a varnished surface. While colourful scenic and floral tablemats are a fantastic option, but they are not for everybody or for every occasion. The protection and tasteful look provided by single color placemats allows you to show off your dining table with the knowledge that it is being safely protected.

The addition of a set of matching coasters, particularly at formal dinner events or gatherings, helps to keep the dinner setting neatly organized by providing a position for the guest’s wine or water glass. This avoids them placing the glass directly onto the tabletop, which could happen if their placemat was occupied by a large plate and various cutlery items, leaving the diner with little space for both a water and wine glass.

Black and cream color placemats

Two shades which have the ability to look great in both contemporary and traditional dining settings are the black and cream color placemats. The bold and dramatic statement that is made by a set of black place mats works very well in modern dining rooms with clean lines and neutral colors. They can bring an elegant appearance to a formal dinner party and look equally sophisticated in a more relaxed or informal gathering of friends and family.

Cream placemats work in a similar way, they bring a clean, modern touch to the dining table without overpowering your existing color scheme. This versatility makes not only the cream but all the plain color placemats a popular choice for bringing out the best of any decorative style.

As with all the placemat options the great advantage they bring to any kitchen or dining room is that the relatively low price point allows you to switch around the designs to great effect. Depending on the event or profile of your guests it is easy to instantly change the style and feel of your dinner table just by introducing a different set of single color place mats.