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  • Cork backed placemats

    Range of traditional cork backed placemats from Pimpernel and Jason with multiple designs to match the décor of your kitchen or dining room. From classic floral placemats with images of flowers and fruits, through to modern patterns with stylish colourful themes. Each of these classic placemats has a soft back base with a rigid hardboard middle and a hard, heat resistant top surface. The result is a solid and durable set of placemats that will protect your furniture from scratches and heat damage, at the same as brightening up your dinner table with a stylish design.

    Classic Pimpernel placemats

    One of the original UK manufacturers of classic rigid placemats, Pimpernel has many years of experience in creating stylish and durable place mats with both classic and modern designs. Pimpernel placemats are supplied in sets of 4 with each mat designed to protect your dining table and with a wide range of designs including floral, scenes, contemporary themes and animal images ensuring there is a set of Pimpernel placemats that will coordinate perfectly with the decorative style of your home. With seasonal patterns to decorate your festive dining table and day-to-day for regular mealtimes with your friends and family, Pimpernel has a place mat pattern for every occasion.