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Cork backed Pimpernel coasters from the leading tabletop accessories supplier. Wide variety of attractive designs, Pimpernel have many years of experience in protecting your furniture with stylish table mats and coaster sets.

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Cork backed Pimpernel coasters

Pimpernel has many years of experience in protecting dining tables and furniture from getting damaged by liquids, stains, scratches and spills. This experience ensures means they know what they are doing and have designed the best placemats and coasters to ensure your furniture stays safe at meal times. With a soft cork backing and hard, durable top surface Pimpernel coasters are the solution to avoiding moisture from cold glasses or hot cups from spoiling your wooden surfaces with water rings or heat rings.

Not only will a set of Pimpernel coasters prevent your surfaces from getting damaged, but the variety of designs found in the range means there is something for every taste or decorative style. The value for money that these coasters provide allows you to select a different pattern for each room you need to use them.

From the dining table to the living room or the home office, having a set of cork backed Pimpernel coasters nearby is easily achieved and allows you to relax knowing that your wooden surfaces are safe.

Attractive Pimpernel coasters designs

With attractive designs covering a variety of themes from classic floral patterns such as the Antique Roses Pimpernel coasters through to contemporary modern designs such as the Dancing Branches coaster design it is not difficult to find the right set of coasters for your room.

All the current range of Pimpernel coasters are square shaped and are supplied in gift boxed sets of six. The top surface of the coaster not only absorbs the heat from a hot cup, but keeps it rigid and easy to handle.

As well as protecting your wooden table from scratches, the soft cork base prevents the drinks coaster from sliding around in an unwanted manner, especially when a full glass is on top of it.

Protect your furniture with Pimpernel coasters

There is nothing more annoying than finding your, or your guests, cup or glass has taken the varnish off the surface of your wooden dining table and left an unsightly ring. These types of rings are difficult to remove without completely re-varnishing the entire table. Which is why having an attractive set of Pimpernel coasters is money well spent.

The stylish art work is a paper print which is glued to the cork base and a layer of lacquer is added over the paper to protect the stylish print. This is then heat sealed which causes the lacquer to dry and become extremely hard and durable, this gives the Pimpernel coasters the ability to withstand temperatures of over 200F.