Jason Placemats, Range of Classic Corkbacked Mats

Jason Placemats

Cork backed range of Jason placemats with stylish designs to protect your dinner table. Historical company based in New Zealand providing tableware products to the USA.

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The cork backed Jason placemats range is made from high density board from renewable wood sources and a hard lacquer surface.

The stunning artwork in all the Jason place mats is protected from heat and wear by a durable acrylic coating. All mats are sealed at the edges to maintain the image and keep your table settings fresh for many years.

Cork backed Jason placemats

Based in New Zealand the Jason company has been producing stylish placemats for over 60 years. The majority of their range consists of traditional cork backed placemats with a hard lacquered top surface that offers protection to your dining table and at the same time brings a colorful look to your dining room.

Generously sized at 17” x 11.5” the Jason placemats are large enough to comfortably hold the dinner plate and cutlery of your guests. This safely keeps your furniture from getting stained or scratched by the rough base of a dinner plate.

Similar to the Pimpernel company they have lots of experience at producing attractive place mat designs.

Cork base for tabletop protection

The soft cork base of the Jason placemats keeps the surface of your table free from scuffs and scratches. This natural cork-backed technique also prevents the individual place mat from sliding around, which would otherwise be a problem for your diners.

This works in a similar fashion to the felt backing which is used on the base of the Lady Clare tablemats. The backing material of the Jason placemats and coasters is soft enough and has just enough grip to stay in place without being affected by heat or actually sticking to the table surface. Other backing materials such as rubber would be too grippy and in particular with shiny varnished wooden tables, the rubber would stick to the tabletop.