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Classic range of high quality rigid placemats from Pimpernel, with stylish designs for every occasion from formal to casual dining. Find cork backed place mats with a variety of colors and patterns.

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Quality Pimpernel placemats for your dining room

An extremely wide variety of rigid, cork backed placemats are available from this historic brand, covering styles such as the traditional floral patterns through to modern designs. Pimpernel placemats has a pattern that will work perfectly in any kitchen or dining room. With place mats that will be make your dining table look at it’s best whether it’s for casual dining with family and friends or for more formal dinners, a set of Pimpernel placemats will help create a relaxed and pleasant environment.

With the classic plain designs for traditional settings or the popular floral placemats that can work with just about any decorative style as they tend to blend in nicely to their surroundings, particularly with wooden dining tables, without overpowering the room. When you need to bring some color to your kitchen or dining table then a set of Pimpernel placemats and coasters is still a fantastic option with designs that will stand out and allow you to create a sense of brightness without having to completely redecorate your dining room.

Over 90 years of history

With the experience of over 90 years creating premium quality tableware, Pimpernel placemats have become one of the leaders in the table top field. Starting out in the north of England in 1933 Pimpernel were then acquired by the larger Portmeirion group earlier in the current century.

The Pimpernel brand has been built on the experience and knowledge of various generations. The result is the ability to produce high quality place mats and coasters that discerning homeowners are keen to have in their homes.

Tabletop protection with Pimpernel placemats

The primary reason for buying any set of placemats is to protect your furniture, especially your wooden dining table, from getting damaged from the inevitable spills and scratches that can occur at any mealtime, no matter how careful our dinner guests are. The hidden source of damaged tables is the heat from hot plates which can leave a heat ring on varnished surfaces.

Pimpernel placemats are thick enough with a hardboard center to prevent heat from getting through to the table, the base of the place mats has a soft cork backing. This cork-backed material serves two purposes, it stops heat and also prevents the place mats from sliding around even on the shiniest of surfaces, without affecting your dining table.

The rigid placemat is then topped off with a hard glazed surface which is heat resistant to about 212F, this ensures the artwork underneath the surface does not get damaged when cared for correctly. By simply wiping the surface of the place mats with a damp cloth after use and making sure there is no excess moisture left on them, then a set of Pimpernel placemats and coasters should be able to look great and protect your furniture for many years.

Buy Pimpernel placemats in our online store

With the wide range of designs available to choose from it can be confusing when you are looking for the right set that will match with the décor of your home. We understand it is not always the same viewing the color on your computer as seeing them when they are physically in your home. Which is why we make it convenient to buy your Pimpernel placemats in our online store and return anything if they do not fit as you expected when you get them into your home.

With most of the designs in stock they should be delivered to any address in the continental USA within five to seven days and often in much less time and arriving well packaged via one of our couriers. Whenever a design is listed as out-of-stock, but with back ordering available, then we can advise you of the likely lead time from the factory.

So, discover your perfect design from all the colors of the spectrum at our online store which includes a selection of patterns from traditional through to contemporary themes. We carry stock of all the existing Pimpernel placemats as well as some designs that have been discontinued, but for which we still hold a limited amount of stock. Many of the place mat designs also have the matching drinks coasters available to order with us.