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Contemporary Modern Placemats

Modern contemporary placemats with designs to make your dining table stand out at the same time as protecting your furniture from heat and water damage.

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Contemporary, modern placemats designs

With a wide variety of placemat designs to choose from, from floral to scenic or plain color patterns, one of the advantages of a modern placemats design is that they can combine the elements of some of the more traditional designs and can combine perfectly with a wide range of decorative styles and color schemes.

A great example of this is the Pimpernel Marthas Choice pattern which incorporates a traditional floral theme, but the bold and bright colors used by the artist make this particular design stand out and give the placemats a modern, contemporary feel. Something that allows these table mats to be used to bring to life a more neutral dining room, without being too overpowering.

This type of bold color palette is great for everyday use for a kitchen table or breakfast bar where the Marthas Choice tablemats can be permanently left out as they bring a stylish touch to the kitchen area.

Stylish contemporary modern placemats for the home

A casual but still contemporary, modern placemats design, something which is stylish without being bold, such as the Pimpernel Blooms in Lilac or the Dogwood in Spring patterns, are a great choice for emphasising the decorative color of your kitchen or dining room. The simple style of these contemporary placemats with their various shades of blue in abstract brush strokes are a confident choice to really show off your dining room.

This type of subtle detail creates a sleek and modern appearance to your dining room making the whole room inviting to your dinner guests, the result is a warm welcoming atmosphere. The energy created by the choice of modern, contemporary placemats is easier to achieve and much less expensive, than practically any other change you can make to a room and still have such a dramatic effect.

Protect your dining table and stand out with modern placemats

The primary function of a set of modern placemats, or any design, is to make sure the surface of your expensive wooden dining table does not get damaged at every mealtime. Hot plates, spilt food and drinks inevitably end up leaving heat rings, stains and scratches on wooden surfaces which are always difficult to remove without having placemats and coasters for protection.

There are plenty of unexciting options to protect your table, but the benefits of not only protecting your table, but making the whole dining room stand out with a colorful and stylish set of contemporary placemats. A great choice that works well with darker wood is the Pimpernel Dancing Branches place mats design. This modern pattern features abstract leaves on tree branches which all appear to be in movement. The earthy toned color palette is bright but not too bold and matches fantastically with the natural wood tones of your table.

The base of the modern placemats has a thin layer of soft cork which not only stops the placemat from sliding around, but is the formula for stopping the wooden surface of your table form getting scratched. This would happen without the cork layer as the hardboard center itself would be too hard and have a rough finish which would not protect your furniture so well as the cork-backed tablemats do.