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The best drinks coasters are often cork backed, a stylish way to protect your furniture with coaster sets from Pimpernel and Jason

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Cork backed drinks coasters

The use of cork in drinks coasters has some fundamental advantages compared to other materials such as cardboard, paper, cotton or linen. Cork combines all the benefits of these sorts of material. From the absorbency to the softness, but crucially cork is also sufficiently rigid to be glued to a hard upper surface which is where the real advantage occurs, it allows us to add a hard top surface which incorporates an attractive design.

Without the printed design a plain cork coaster would be a bit boring and have limited appeal, a beige cork drinks coaster has a place, but the printed designs found on both placemats and coasters work much better with modern dining rooms as well as with protecting other furniture around the home.

Best drinks coasters

In the case of Jason and Pimpernel they have taken the basic cork coaster and added a printed paper design, on top of which is added a hard layer of lacquer which is then heat sealed onto the cork.

The result is a rigid and solid drinks coaster which prevents heat as well as moisture from damaging the surface of furniture as well as the protecting the attractive artwork print.

These are the best drinks coasters available as they take all the positive properties of linen, cardboard or cotton and create attractive, stylish coaster sets with the design that works best with your home décor.

Variety of drinks coasters with attractive designs

The hard lacquered surface is also heat resistant to over 200F which means hot tea or coffee cups will not cause a problem to the surface of your furniture and the design on the drinks coasters stays fresh looking. The cork base is rigid, but still soft enough that it will not scratch or scuff the table top surfaces. With a variety of attractive designs to select from, the ideal drinks coasters are easy to find.

At the same time the consistency of cork means the drinks coaster will not slide or move around when being used. Should any water or liquid spill over the side of your coaster then the natural properties of cork will absorb the liquid, rather than letting it spoil the surface of your dining table.

This is especially useful when protecting varnished wooden tables as these surfaces are most susceptible to stains and damage from moisture which would leave a ring on the varnished surface. Normally once a wooden surface has a moisture ring it is very difficult to remove and often means you need to re-varnish the whole table.

Eco friendly, long-lasting drinks coasters

Another benefit of both placemats and coasters using this type of protective cork backing compared to other materials is the eco-friendly aspect of using cork is that it is a natural product made from renewable resources which has a lower impact on the environment than, for example cardboard.

This is mainly because of the long-lasting nature of cork backed drinks coasters when compared to those made from cardboard. Paper based coasters are more of a disposable product as the cardboard deteriorates when absorbing moisture, whereas cork does not.

So long as the rigid surface is wiped clean when necessary to avoid liquids etc from remaining too long on the lacquered surface. Also, it is important to allow the cork to dry if the base of the coaster comes into contact with spillages. All of which will keep your table surfaces looking great and the coaster artwork will stay fresh and appealing for many years.