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Complete range of available table mats with designs including floral and traditional scenes in a rigid cork backed format.

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Finding the right table mats

Finding the right set of table mats goes a long way towards getting the best out of your dining room. The traditional cork backed table mats by leading brands such as Pimpernel, Jason or Lady Clare are the most frequently used, both historically and today. There are alternative types available in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and design. Any of which will allow you to express your personal style and at the same time play the most important role - that of protecting your table. Whether you prefer a traditional, modern, or the look of a particular season, these will provide a versatile as well as functional choice of tabletop protector.

When it comes to the decorative element of your dining room, table mats play a crucial role in bringing a little touch of style and highlighting the other aspects of either your color scheme, your dinner service or your stylish and expensive wooden dining-table. This is achieved without being over powering, they just help to enhance what you already have and bring together the overall color scheme of your room.

Casual and formal dining

First and foremost, table mats provide a layer of protection between a diner, especially a careless one, and your kitchen table, preventing any damage from spills, heat and scratches from affecting the surface of your furniture. Whether you're enjoying a casual family meal in the kitchen, or a more formal dinner in the dining room, they will act as a protective barrier allowing you to relax and enjoy your meal.

As well as an excellent way form of protection, cork backed table mats are heat-resistant and are very easy to clean, which makes them the ideal choice for both casual dining and regular everyday use.

Benefits of using easy to clean table mats

This benefit is particularly helpful during casual kitchen dining, as it reduces the effort required to keep the tabletops clean. The mats can be easily stacked and stored when not being used and quickly wiped clean if necessary. This not only keeps your table mats looking fresh for many years, it also ensures your tabletop surfaces are left undamaged by spills and scratches, but just as importantly it saves you valuable time at mealtimes. The ease with which they can be put away after use, especially with your busy schedule, is something that will definitely be appreciated.

From the bold red colors of the Poppy de Villenueve pattern, through to the subtle shades found with the Sugar Magnolia flower design, in the Pimpernel range there is a stylish set of tablemats for everyone’s dining room.