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  • Traditional placemats

    Range of traditional Jason and Pimpernel placemats with multiple designs to match the décor of your kitchen or dining room. From classic floral placemats with images of flowers and fruits, through to modern patterns with stylish colourful themes. Each of these traditional placemats has a soft back base with a rigid hardboard middle and a hard, heat resistant top surface. The result is a solid and durable set of table mats that will protect your furniture from scratches and heat damage, at the same as brightening up your dinner setting with a stylish design.

    Classic placemats

    One of the original UK manufacturers of classic rigid placemats is the Pimpernel company, they have accumulated many years of experience in creating stylish and durable place mats with both classic and modern designs. Pimpernel placemats are supplied in sets of 4 with each mat designed to protect your dining table and with a wide range of designs including floral, scenes, contemporary themes and animal images ensuring there is a set of classic placemats that will coordinate perfectly with the decorative style of your home. With seasonal patterns to decorate your festive occasion and day-to-day for regular mealtimes with your friends and family, you will easily find a great place mat pattern for every occasion.

    Colorful collections of placemats

    Since placemats were first used in the 1930s as a functional way of protecting your dining-table they have evolved into a stylish way to bring a touch of color and personality to any table. Made these days from a wide range of materials including various types of vinyl or linen, the popular cork backed placemats and coasters format has withstood the test of time. The main advantage found with this type of place mat, apart from protecting your furniture from heat damage, is the ability of the designers to bring a wide range of colorful styles to suit all tastes to their collections.

    From plain simple colors such as the Classic Burgundy placemats for use in traditional settings where this formal color blends perfectly with dark wooden furniture. Through to more modern patterns such as the colorful place mats of the Dancing Branches design or the bright and cheerful floral placemats and coasters of the Marthas Choice pattern with bold orange and pink flowers against a soft beige background. Alternatives to bold or traditional designs would be the stylish Jason place mats Village Square set of four, with each mat depicting a different scene from a European village.

    Lady Clare placemats made in England

    The rigid, hardboard style of place mat is also found in the classic Lady Clare placemats, these are the original format of tabletop protector which started in the 1930s in England and are still made in England to this day.

    With classic patterns and a soft felt base, these mats with their durable, long-lasting materials have been perfected over time to ensure your furniture is protected and displayed in the best way possible. Imported directly from England, the traditional Lady Clare placemats have hand gilded edges, a detail which adds a touch of elegance to the finished product and will bring enjoyment to your dining table for many years.

    Floral placemats

    Perhaps the most popular choice is a floral placemats pattern with flowers or fruits in a variety of colours this is the type of design that coordinates most effectively with the dining room décor of most Americans.

    They bring a freshness and relaxing touch to any table without over shadowing the rest of the decorative style of your dining room. This applies whether your dining room would be described as modern or traditional, a set of placemats with flowers will work to enhance the visual appeal of your surroundings and at the same time make your dinner guests feel at ease. With a wide variety of floral place mats to choose from, you will easily find the perfect design for your home.