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All about Pimpernel placemats.

70 years after launching their first placemats the range from Pimpernel are the benchmark for quality tablemats and table ware.

World renowned for using only the highest quality cork and hardboard materials plus an exactingly high printing standard in all their mats and coasters

Each Pimpernel placemat has a completely sealed edge, is resistant to the highest temperatures and resists virtually any kind of scuff, mark, or stain.

Finished with a unique lacquer producing a smooth silky texture ensures complete functional as well aesthetic satisfaction.


Pimpernel designs are renewed periodically with the finest artists producing exciting and stunning works, such as Rosina Wachtmeister's "Musical Cats" or the Cheri Blum design "Amaryllis".

Now available alongside the Pimpernel range are the place mats from Cloverleaf and Manorcraft.

Pimpernel make three sizes which are available in most design patterns.
Set of 6 Luncheon Mats (12in x 9in - 30.5cm x 23cm)
Set of 4 Dinner Mats (16in x 12in - 40cm x 29.5cm)
Set of 6 Round Mats (10in - 25.5cm in diameter)