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Site Name Site Description
Waterware Inc Original, featured on "Friends" set
Pacific Merchants Trading Co Poly-vinyl, bamboo, seagrass
123 Bamboo Bamboo mats from China
Oilcloth International Reversible, wipe clean oilcloth
Modi Poly Customised. Shaped. Waterproof
Barmans Ltd Melamine, round, rectangular
Print My Menu Custom designs on paper
Linen Line Flax linen for table and kitchen
Seven Seas Exporters Cotton from India
Long Hah Fung Co., Ltd Embroidered lace range
Adsrus, Inc Restaurant placemats
Menu Master Advertising Specialists
Tribout printed paper
Dinex International
Extra Mile Enterprises
Dharma Trading cotton, in large/small quantities
Alex Wilson Coldstream Printed Paper, customised

Trade wholesalers, manufacturers and placemat exporters.

Paper placemat suppliers to restaurants, hotels, shops and the catering industry.

Advertising on placemats for restaurants. Corporate gifts and customised tableware.

All styles including cotton, lace and paper placemats.